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Idaman Pharma is a wholly owned bumiputera company with experience and hands on management. Our quest is to participate in the healthcare industry by raising the standard of service and quality.

Idaman Pharma is established to create a total healthcare service company that is rooted in the principles of personal integrity, respect for others and doing what is right for long term benefits. We also have a secondary focus of being a professional consultant in various healthcare aspects. To achieve this, we have a broad portfolio of services that will cater for the different sectoral needs.

In order to be competitive, Idaman Pharma Sdn Bhd has invested its key workforce in training and development. Idaman Pharma’s philosophy is to provide value added healthcare services at the highest standards of professionalism possible. The staffs are continuously trained to be fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and know-how, besides being fully committed to serving the community.

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High Quality Products & Services For Pharmaceutical Industry


We supply top of the line pharmaceutical products, healthcare equipments and accessories directly from licensed manufacturers


Committed in providing efficient customer service to our customers & working closely together towards a long-term business relationship


We offer quality products to our customers and we strive to provide them with competitive prices.


Our diverse team members are ready to provide support and assistance should you require any help

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Pharmaceutical Products

Cobra Antivenin

Malayan Pit Viper Antivenin


Hand Sanitizer

Why Us?

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We are the main choice in obtaining a supply of high quality medical needs at an affordable price. Of course we have an undeniable advantage.

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